Yes, me. Why? Because out of the millions of blogs out there, I’m actually getting traffic from someone other than myself and occasionally my Mom when my Dad lets her use the computer. It’s my first blog post. So how’s it going so far with you?

Let’s talk for a moment about unemployment. If you have a job, chances are you may feel some sympathy for the poor schmucks out of work and maybe are a teeny bit scared for yourself, but in reality, you have a life, a routine, and your own problems. Correct? If you’re like me, it’s the elephant in the room. So I’m on day 13. I’ve been pounding the Internet pavement, networking, and cleaning my house. I’m now onto the phase of bringing out the artist in me. I do a lot of writing in my line of work, so I figured I’d keep my fingers in shape and start a blog. Not for you, you lone reader, but pour moi!

When I do manage to get dressed and get out of my house, I’ll be writing about my observations. Because I’m in an “it’s all about me” sort of phase, I’ll write about what interests me. And what interests me is sometimes the unusual and sometimes the plain and obvious—and often the humorous. It could be about people in my neighborhood, about road rage (living in Northern Virginia you can bet that will be on the list), about how my cats sleep, how grass grows, new marketing trends (to keep up on my career of course), or maybe just about what life is like being unemployed. And that’s a perfect segue to link to another great blog. For anyone who is unemployed and wants a huge daily dose of humor. Check it out at

It’s now 4:59 p.m. If I was getting paid for this I’d say, TGIF. But since I’m not, I’ll just say, it’s now time to get back to the marathon viewing of Battlestar Galactica.