In my last post I mentioned that I really like kids. I’ve changed my mind. There are two in my neighborhood that are now on the naughty list. The circumstances surrounding the bird flipping aren’t important. What concerned me was the total lack of respect and manners both tots displayed. As much as I’d like to blame their parents, I won’t. On that note, I’d like to suggest to everyone that we seriously start thinking about how our actions affect those around us.

During the last several months the media has pounded us with stories of corruption and greed—your basic doom and gloom. It’s pretty depressing. And being unemployed, I need positive influences in my life, not negative party poopers. (Poop is such a funny word. Not as funny as poopy though. But I digress…) Since I’ve been laid off, I’ve noticed a wave of generosity, solidarity, and kindheartedness from total strangers (as well as my loving peeps—thanks everyone). This kindness is just what I’ve needed. So I’d like to give a shout out to some of these organizations and movements. You go people! And next time some ten year old flips you the bird, show them kindness in return.

JobAngels, a community of strangers dedicated to helping others find jobs., a portal dedicated to small acts of kindness.

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