I have to give a shout out to Grendel’s Grandpa, my Dad, on his 70th birthday. Way to go Daddyoh. Dad says, “I’m celebrating the 31st anniversary of my 39th birthday.” Hey Dad, I’m behind you 100%. After all, you had my back when I celebrated the third anniversary of my 29th birthday. That’s just the way we do things in the Crowe family. We also give our dogs and kids weird names—okay I shouldn’t say the kids’ names are weird—unique is a better word. But naming the second family Labrador Klinger after the first Klinger died did make for some great fodder for jokes among my friends.

Moving on to the zero part of the headline. Did you know that in the U.S. a new person is born approximately every eight seconds? I’d like to give another shout out to a very brand new person—someone recently arrived to the planet—Colin Tuttle. Son of my dear friends, Bob and Emily. Colin was supposed to arrive next month but instead arrived two weeks ago. So either the doctor can’t count, baby bubba was impatient to start the ride, or Mrs. T has some splainin to do. Either way, we are very happy he’s here and everyone is healthy. And Colin just happens to be an excellent Irish name.

If this blog was really popular, now would be a great time for me to earn some money by sponsoring a diaper ad because young or old, we never really finish dealing with the toils of bodily fluids. But instead, here’s a link to diapers.com and for you out-of-work people, they’re looking to hire an Infrastructure Engineer. (I don’t know why that sounds funny, it just does.)

And just for fun, I clicked on those links in the first paragraph and here’s what came up for me.

  • I am 21,300,095 minutes old (and just wasted a butt load of them writing this blog).
  • Someone named Y.A. Tittle shares my birthday (close to Tuttle, but no cigar).
  • In dog years, Grendel and I are pretty much the same age

Evidently I have these good and bad characteristics.

  • Very little ever escapes my observation (hence the title of this blog).
  • I neither show nor understand emotions very well (what a crock—that makes me mad—not true)!

What does your birthday and name say about you? I’d like to know, really, because I do care and can show you, really. Happy Birthday Dad and all you April babies out there!