Let me begin by saying that today’s headline was stolen from an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) and, well…it sounds cool. As it relates to this post, I think I can stretch it enough to work.

Let’s think how we have gotten ourselves into this nice little economic mess we’re in. Some of it was from treacherybankers being the numero uno target of blame. And some was from just plain material obsession leading to credit debt.

Faith is what many of us are holding on to. Me? I’ve put my faith in God and he has given me the confidence and security that it will all work out.  But keep reading and you’ll hear a tale (no pun intended) about an awesome dog named Faith.

And the great river? In the DS9 episode, it’s a phrase that relates to the great material continuumessentially the bartering of goods to get what you need. It’s actually pretty funny in the show and a good way to save money in this economy. One DS9 reviewer gives a glimpse of it and states, “Nog temporarily loans Sisko’s desk out to a man who ‘likes to take pictures of himself sitting behind the desks of famous Starfleet captains.’ And Bashir [lends] playful sarcasm at O’Brien’s desperate idea to replace Sisko’s missing desk with a different desk. ‘It’s white, it’s the wrong shape, it’s the wrong height, it’s the wrong width. But other than that, it’s perfect. The captain will never suspect you switched desks on him.’ ” My apologies if you aren’t a Trek fan, but I couldn’t resist. Navigating the river of life can be treacherous for some, and for others it’s just plain fun.

 So here’s an idea on how we can deal with Treachery, Faith, and the Great River. The inspiration of today’s post is an amazing dog named Faith. Her owner, Jude Stringfellow, wouldn’t give up on this dog with only two legs to walk on. She taught Faith to walk on her two hind legs and now Faith is famous. Stringfellow says “that even without a perfect body, one can have a perfect soul.” Yes ma’am!

 Let’s overcome the effects of treachery and material obsessions. Think about turning the tide and helping those who are more needy than you. Help animals like Faith, people in your own neighborhood, and even your own environment by clicking on the links below and taking action.

  •  Support National Animal Rescue Day! Sign a petition to get Congress to enact a day that will help build awareness for animals who need a home and want to love you. Even betteradopt a pet of your own.
  •  Find a local charity and give your time or money to help someone in your community.
  •  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Through freecycle you can easily communicate with people in your area and post requests for what you need or give someone an item you have laying around that you don’t need anymore. Stop filling up the landfills! Someone may be able to use what you have.  

 May the river bring you some joy! Got a charity you feel close to? Let us know in the comments section.