That’s how I like to pick out teams for those office pools. And whenever I go to the steeplechase races out in Middleburg, VA I pick horses with names that sound cool. It’s very scientific and much more fun than reading stats and playing the odds. (Just a note—this is not how I pick my stocks.)

So I’m loving that a 50 to 1 long shot won the Kentucky Derby. Mine That Bird won while I Want Revenge (a bad way to live your life by the way) was out before the race started. I really don’t know anything about horses and racing but I love underdogs. I’m from Philly, it’s in my blood.

Now out of all the contenders, these are the horses that I would have picked based purely on their names.

1. Chocolate Candy. Need I say why?

2. Mr. Hot Stuff. Again, need I say why?

3. Pioneer of the Nile. Because I took an awesome trip to Egypt in 2007.

 Do you have a favorite team, horse, champion, or underdog and if so, what color does he/she/they wear?