This may turn into a series, who knows, but there is a pain-in-the-butt squirrel who has decided that my deck is a good causeway between his various billets. He is often seen digging through the flower pots on my deck and even “unstuffed” my neighbor’s deck chair—a little bedding for the winter I suppose.

 In general I like wildlife but this little guy needs to go. And it’s not that I have some big thing against squirrels—even though there was that one who stole a bagel out of my backpack when I was hiking in the Grand Canyon. It’s become a favorite pastime in my house to watch his comings and goings. Here are some snapshots and a serious indicator that I need to get out of the house and start working again. (It seems I may not be alone in this little form of entertainment. There are quite a few YouTube videos of cats and squirrels. Hmmmmm.)

One day I had myself a little fun and let one of the cats go outside just as squirrel was raiding a flower pot. Man can my cat fly! She was across the deck and hanging on by two fingernails before I could even say “death to squirrel.” She didn’t get him, but some day. Yup, some day…