Rut Roh is Grendel talk for “oh shoot, Mommy is going to kick my butt for dragging that dish out of the sink and leaving the chewed remains in the living room.” He does talk like that, really. He got it from the Jetson’s dog, Astro.

Grendel’s been suffering a bit from cabin fever. The rain here in northern Virginia has been relentless. So we got together and decided on a topic for today. Words that begin with the letter “R.” Why? Because Grendel only understands a few words (bone, dinner, walk) and I want him to learn to say, “I ruv roo, Rommy.” 

There are actually more “R” words than this, but here are a few for today’s vocabulary lesson.

  • Rabies—Grendel has been vaccinated, no worries.
  • Rawhide—another word for bone. Grendel loves these.
  • Razorback—a kind of pig. See swine flu post.
  • Reefer—refrigerator? No. Double breasted wool coat? No. What Clinton didn’t inhale? Maybe.
  • Rufa—as in Garra rufa. A flesh eating fish that gives pedicures. (Btw—I’ve been told by a health official that this is not a good idea if you want to remain free of infections and other nasty stuff. It may seem fun to have a fish eat the dead flesh off your toes, but think about it people. Gross.)
  • Recover—hoping this happens soon with the economy.
  • Recruitme please.
  • Refinance—what the bank won’t let me do until I get a job.
  • Recriminate—what members of Congress do on a regular basis.
  • Read—what most people need to do more of. See Whut? post.
  • Reflect—on the beauty of what is around you and those you love.
  • Ruf—duh. What Grendel says when he wants dinner, or anything else for that matter.

Have a great weekend. We are off to the beach! Ray! Ree ruv ruh reech.