Do you know the song, “I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on the drums all day?” I heard that song on my way home from the beach yesterday. Don’t be jealous folks, I spent the long weekend painting, scraping, hammering, and performing other tasks meant for young people. On the way down there and back as well as during the stay, I met several nice people in various job roles. So I thought I’d start a sort of Canterbury Tales series of people I meet. The first of this series is dedicated to the hardware store guys (and gals).

During my four-day stay at the beach executing those hateful muscle wrenching tasks, I managed to visit the hardware store a total of six times. Now I’ve always had an appreciation for people who work in hardware stores. They are the only retailers that I will talk to. I bet you know exactly what I mean. Finding the needle in the haystack is easier when “Jeff” the hardware guy says, “That’s in aisle four, halfway down on the left on the second shelf.” The hardware store guy is my new BFF. And I really hope we get some renters in this summer. I want people to notice the nice new toilet seat and the new stove vent (the conducting kind as we learned on trip two to the store).

Tune in for more tales and I’ll tell you about Chris the A/C guy, Shawn the plumber, and Dee the grocery check-out line lady. All really nice people doing important work with a smile. Have a great week! If you really aren’t happy at work, just think, you could work for Dunder Mifflin.

And just for fun I’m including this photo that has nothing to do with this post except maybe that Grendel would not allow me to start the pilgrimage home without him.

Grendel driving

Grendel driving