My great-uncle Pete lived in Dayton, Ohio near the Wright family. Milton Wright, father of Orville and Wilbur, gave him the nickname Peek. Now don’t get the wrong idea, he wasn’t a weirdo, but when Pete was little he used to go up to the Wright’s house and peek through the kitchen window to see if anyone was home and wanted to come out and play.

 It seems that Grendel has adopted that family trait. After his buddy Elwood (the dog who lives two houses down) decided he was done playing, Grendel started sniffing around. Poor Winston. Winston is the cat who just moved in next door. All Winston wanted to do was stay in his house behind the glass door and look at the birds outside. He didn’t want to come out and play with Grendel.

Come out and play.

Come out and play.

Grendel seems to think that everyone likes him and doesn’t mind his big nose in their face or his weapon of a tail banging against their leg. He should know better. The cats he lives with smack him on a regular basis for no reason in particular.

I guess I can’t blame him really. I’ve been cooped up so long that I’ve been asking all my friends and neighbors to come out and play with me. I think it’s time to develop some new hobbies. Give me some ideas people! Otherwise, you may see my dog looking through your front door.