If you’ve never seen the show Coupling, then rent it today. Make sure to get the British version—the Americans crashed and burned when they tried to recreate it. It’s kind of like “Friends” except a bit racier (most likely owing to the British sense of humor which I love). One of the three guys in the six member cast is Jeff. Jeff says things like “Women remember, Steve. It’s like they’ve got minds of their own.”

One of Jeff’s more famous monologues is the Giggle Loop. Jeff was talking about the Giggle Loop because he had an interview coming up. I’ve embedded the Giggle Loop video below so you can understand the concept. I’ve decided to write on this topic because it’s funny and because I thought all you job seekers could have something else to worry about. If you start laughing during your next interview just tell your interviewer that you’ve been pulled into “the Giggle Loop.” If they don’t know what it means then you’re better off not working there. Now the Giggle Loop should not be confused with the following:

  • The Giggle Factory—a store in one of my favorite towns, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. (Say that five times fast—it’s fun.)
  • The Giggle Machine—someone who makes you laugh all the time. Or maybe a little baby who’s giggling away. (Don’t tell anyone but I want to invent an alarm clock that wakes you up with little kids’ giggles. I could call it the Giggle Machine.)
  • The Giggle Fest—a plethora of gigglers.

Watch the video and start giggling. But not in your next interview or at your friend’s Aunt’s funeral. And don’t do the Reservoir Dogs thing either. It’s not that cool. (You’ll have to click on the embedded link there if you don’t know what that means.)