I love to travel and won’t be getting overseas this summer, so I’m going to do a series (not in any kind of order) about various states. Since I’ve been driving back and forth to the beach I thought I’d start with the first state. Delaware is a mighty little stamp lodged smack in the middle of a megalopolis. In the north there’s the glitz and glamour of the Big Apple. In the south there’s the ego busting, political maneuverings of the DC Beltway. (All the Bostonians are upset with me right now for leaving them out but don’t fret; we’ll talk about the People’s Republic of Massachusetts another time.)

Ahhhhhh Delaware. Companies love to incorporate in Delaware because of the tax laws. Most of us in the area just love it because of the beaches and the no sales tax shopping. It can be traversed in about two hours by car and I swear that everyone in Delaware knows everyone else in Delaware. Forget the six degrees of separation; it’s more like two degrees. Northern Delaware is home to the University of Delaware’s fighting blue hens. It’s also home to the person of focus of the “what’s he going to say next fan club,” our current Vice President, Joe Biden.

Living in the fast-paced society of northern Virginia, I really have to adjust my mind-set when in lower, slower Delaware. Not that they are slow witted, it’s just that things tend to move slower there. It’s kind of funny that in Northern VA our cars are stuck in traffic and not moving but our minds are racing with our things to do list. And then when we drive in Delaware, we get mad at the cars that are moving 45 miles per hour in a 60-limit area.

 If you’ve never been to Delaware, give it a try. Here are some highlights.

  • Winterthur
  • Hagley Museum
  • Dover Air Force Base—if you time it just right you can see those massive cargo planes come in for a landing right as you pass by underneath. Those planes can fit six school busses inside them.
  • Bridgeville—this is a cute little town off 113. It has signs that say, “If you lived in Bridgeville, you’d be home now.” The Bridgeville Fire Department is home to some of the funniest guys I’ve never met. They always have a witty saying on their marquee. And don’t miss the 2009 Apple-Scrapple Festival.
  • The Outlets in Rehoboth
  • Historic Lewes—check out the several museums located in the area.
  • Cape Henlopen
  • Lewes, Rehoboth, Dewey, Bethany, and Fenwick beaches and towns
  • Lots of fun people
  • Really slow drivers

 If you’ve been to Delaware or live there, what’s your favorite place to visit or thing to do?