Since I’ve started writing this blog I’ve tried to really take in what’s going on around me—looking for topics to write about—observing things. And because my background is in marketing, I tend to look at various signs and billboards. Recently I’ve seen a few signs and ads that have made me giggle a bit. Here are a few. I know some are hard to see—I guess I’ll have to actually stop the car instead of doing the drive-by photography.

 I love this McDonald’s billboard ad. Clean, easy to read, and funny.

 McDonald's billboard ad

This church in Dagsboro, DE had the following message on their marquee. It says, “Guess who is coming back.”

church sign 2

For anyone who may not know, the message above is referring to the second coming of Christ. The second coming will mark the end of the world as we know it and will start a new beginning. At first there will be devastation but then literally—heaven on earth.  So I thought it was funny that just a bit further up the road was a sign for Coffin St.

Then there was this restaurant. It’s sign out front says, “Come on in and EAT. We can seat 144 people, 16 at a time.” I love it—witty and good marketing.

 eat diner seating

I’ve mentioned Bridgeville, DE in a previous post but wanted to save the message on the fire house marquee for this post. The sign changes each trip but on this one it said, “It’s not hard to meet expenses, they’re everywhere.”

 Bridgeville Fire Comp.

And finally there is a hilarious sign outside the Baptist church in old town Alexandria, VA. This is the same church that rings its afternoon church bells to songs like Kum Ba Yah.

 church baptized

Listen to the song and see even more “sign, sign everywhere a sign.”