June 14 is designated as America’s official Flag Day. Admit it. You didn’t know that did you? Don’t go running to your calendars either. It’s there; it just hasn’t been exploited yet by card or chocolate companies. If the flag companies were smarter, they would figure out some witty marketing to inspire people and increase sales. No matter. What’s important is what it stands for.

Most of us know some of the basic history of the flag—Betsy Ross sewed it, it used to have fewer stars, and the red, white, and blue colors have significance (which you can look up on Wikipedia). What I find interesting is our fascination with it. It’s my belief that the flag is vital to our country not just for what it stands for but because it’s one of the few things that brings our diverse culture together. It’s one of those few things that we can all stand behind, pledge to, and honor. I believe it’s important to say the pledge of allegiance to our flag for this reason—we are a people made up of so many different cultures, traditions, beliefs, colors, religions, etc.  and we need something that weaves all of us together as one nation. And that one thing is our flag.

May I suggest that you think about the flag today? Think about what it means to you. Think about the men and women who have fought for the ideals it represents. Think about the fact that our national anthem—the Star Spangled Banner—is a song about our flag. There’s a great story behind the lyrics to that song and how important it was for the writer to see the flag still standing after a massive attack on American soil. Look it up and find out more about US history.

Happy Flag Day!

I, Grendel, pledge alliegance...

I, Grendel, pledge allegiance...