The other day I was watching the movie “The Women.” It was a pretty decent movie—I mean how can it stink with all those mega stars in it? The plot of this movie revolves around several women and some pretty stressful situations that they are going through. Pregnancy, job instability, infidelity, divorce, and raising a teenage daughter, to name the big ones. Everyone deals with stress in different ways but it was Meg Ryan’s character who really cracked me up.

During this one scene after she has a big fight with the soon-to-be ex-husband, she goes down to the kitchen and starts looking for something yummy (that is to say sugary and fattening) to eat. A girl after my own heart. Her kitchen however, was lacking in those kinds of foods, so she makes what I have to say is the most disgusting concoction I’ve ever seen.

The recipe goes like so:

  • One stick of butter
  • One can of cocoa (the kind you bake with)
  • One glass of milk

Dip the stick of butter into the can of cocoa and then dip it into the glass of milk. Take a bite.

I heart the writer who came up with that scene. It was priceless. In any case, I’ve been dealing with the stress of unemployment for the last several months and I’ve decided that I’m going to start eating better and exercising more. Having said that, since it’s officially summertime, I will not be giving up my frozen strawberry daiquiris. Please people, you’ve got to live a little!

How do you deal with stress? Is there anything you are resolved to work on this summer?