To all you dads out there—happy Father’s Day! And a special shout out to my own daddyoh—thanks for everything dad and I hope you have a great day.

We all know those cliché stories about dad getting a tie for a father’s day present, but I was curious what all of you think is the funniest gift you’ve ever gotten, given, or heard was gotten or given for Father’s Day.

I am a dutiful daughter and send my dad a card that makes him laugh (or at least smile). If he was here this weekend I would take him to dinner but he’s being a good husband and taking care of mom today.

Here are some funny Father’s Day presents I found online, but please share your stories and ideas about presents by replying to this post.

Duct Tape Wallet
I’m all for the kids making things for presents. It’s thrifty, they make a real effort to think about something special, and it’s from the heart. Having said that, you may want to think of a homemade gift that can be eaten, displayed for awhile, and thrown out without remorse. A duct tape wallet may be tricky. I’m sure dad does not want to put his real dollars and credit cards in it and take it to work. There is also a bacon version of a wallet.

Condiment Gun
Going into the summer, this could be fun for the whole family. According to the Amazon page it “triggers delicious fun when dressing burgers.”

There are plenty of stupid gag gifts to give dad, but let’s be honest. In this new economy, do you really want to be throwing away good money? Make it a gift that he can really use or enjoy. Here are a few ideas.

Man’s Man Gifts
Beer of the month club, baseball game tour, tools, sports car rental—all interesting ideas that could please most fathers. Check them out at

Whatever you give dear old dad, make sure it’s from the heart and that you send him your love. If your dad is no longer with us or is just not around, then share your appreciation of someone else in your life who may have had a hand in your upbringing or maybe just a friend who is a dad.

Happy Father’s Day!