During one of my most recent late night TV vigils, I came across an infomercial. The advertisers were selling music—“Romancing the 70s” to be exact. I ended up dancing around a bit in the living room to tunes I grew up on. It got me to thinking about times back in the 70s and how fun life was (mostly because I was a pre-teen with no responsibilities).

Let’s see…there was skating at Spinning Wheels, sitting in the car with Mom waiting for gas, buying 45s for a buck fifty, paying 15% interest on the mortgage (my parents nightmare, not mine, thankfully), watching American Bandstand, and wearing hideous clothes.

I had to laugh when the announcer on the commercial mentioned a group called Tony Orlando and Dawn. And do you recall that fun duo, the Captain and Tennille? I also remember singing loudly to Debbie Boon—“You light up my life.” But I think my favorite song had to be “Delta Dawn.” I once missed a class in college and my professor (think small southern college) said to me during the next class, “Daaaahhwn. It’s so nahce to see you.” He then proceeded to sing “Delta Dawn” to me in front of the entire class. Needless to say, (but I’ll say it anyway), I did not miss that class again.

And let’s not forget an important year in the 70s decade, 1976, our nation’s bicentennial (and coincidentally they had some swine flu propaganda going on then. Check it out on YouTube). We went from ringing the liberty bell to the tune of drums and muskets in 1776 to wearing bell bottom pants to the tune of electric keyboards and “Muskrat Love” in 1976.

Ahhhhh, memories, and faded roses from days gone by…