I’ve been waiting awhile to explain the photo that makes up the banner of this blog and now is the perfect time. The photo was taken at the 2008 Horton Bay Fourth of July parade. It happens to be one of the best parades in America and is somewhat famous throughout the great state of Michigan.

Every year, citizens from near and far participate in this unique parade. It has a different theme each year, and a grandstand (sort of a tree fort really) for the parade officials. Thousands of people from miles away line the road to watch—there’s even a trolley car that takes people from the parade route to their cars. Last year my friend Amy and I went and I’ve included some photos from the parade.

What makes this so interesting—aside from the wit displayed by participants—is that Horton Bay is a town the size of a postage stamp. It has two or three houses, a church, and a general store. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. It barely registers on my GPS. But, it’s not without its history. Hemmingway had a house on Walloon Lake (the same lake that I visit almost every summer and will blog about later this month when I’m up there) and he often spent time with the fellas in the Horton Bay General Store which is located just over the hill from the lake.

So Happy Fourth of July. I’ve come to hear that this special parade is going into hibernation this year. It’s tough to put on this parade and they need volunteers and participants—but no politicians or commercial advertisers—so help out and offer your services!


Amy was caught standing too long in the road taking pictures and was given a ticket by a “parade official.”

hb tickethb ticket 2








Parade participants from 2008. 


The ending of the parade is noted by the “fat lady singing” or in the case of the Horton Bay parade, some guy dressed up as a fat lady pretending to sing.

 fat lady sings