Unexpectedly (and with big smiles), I ended up spending the Fourth of July weekend with my friend Wendy at our old stomping grounds, Camp Tockwogh. Tockwogh is truly a magical place. I started going there when I was a pre-teen camper, then became a CIT, then a staff member, and now I’m back to being a camper again. I still delight in the open fields, the fun songs and games, the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, and most importantly—the people.

Camp has changed over time—more big boats and some nicer accommodations—but one thing always remains constant—the people. My best friends today are the people I met at Tockwogh. And whenever I go back, the staff and alumni have that same spirit of fun. There is a definite bond between anyone who has experienced Tockwogh.

This past weekend I mostly hung out on the beach and by the pool but I did take part in the Fourth of July theme day parade. And afterward, went to a fun place called Jellyfish Joel’s—a tiny redneck / boater’s oasis—where we enjoyed the brilliant fireworks (and a few burning ashes that fell with them). As much fun as it is hanging out with the kids, our nightlife provided relief and some fun adult time. Aside from the occasional all-you-can-eat crab feasts, it mostly meant going to the American Legion Post 246. Yes, you read that right. If you’re ever in Betterton, MD (the Jewel of the Chesapeake) go visit the Legion. Just turn right on 6th street and when you see two missiles in front of a brick building, you’ll know you’ve arrived. The Legion has gone through some transformations over the years but the heart of it never changes. Below are some photographs. Enjoy.

And if you have kids, or know others with kids, or want to take your family on the best vacation you’ll ever experience, then check out the Tockwogh Web site. There is still room this summer for both kid’s camp and family camp and they may negotiate if you want to go fewer or more weeks. When you get back, give me a call and we can chat about the ropes course, the horsey’s, the waterfront hill, the gorgeous sunsets, the softball games, the sailing, the waterskiing, arts and crafts, archery, and more!