That statement was made by the famous philosopher, Socrates. I believe that we need deep thinkers in this world. They keep us entertained if nothing else. And the other day as I watched a video on BNET of philosopher Alain de Botton, I was very entertained. He’s an interesting speaker and was talking about anxiety over work and life, job snobbery, fears of being an underachiever, and social inequalities. He discusses the concept of meritocracy and some alternative ways of thinking. You can watch the video at the bottom of this post.

What made me write about Alain (I’m going to use his first name because it has a nice ring to it) and his video segment was the fact that he declares himself to be secular and yet on several occasions references the Bible and Christian concepts and admits that those teachings have value. As a Christian, it’s a challenge to hear people seemingly believe in or have the desire to follow Christ’s teachings but then say they aren’t “religious” or they are “secular” or an “atheist” or even stereotype Christians and insult them as a group.

In the video, Alain quotes St. Augustine who said, “It’s a sin to judge any man by his post. Only God can put everyone in their place and He’ll do that on the Day of Judgment.” Alain says it’s an insane idea to secular people like him. And yet he believes there is value in that idea. Don’t judge people, hmmmmm.

He goes on to discuss a certain characteristic about modern society and why it causes us anxiety. He says, “Modern society has nothing at its center that is non human. We tend to worship ourselves. Most other societies have something else they worship.” So Alain, isn’t it possible to believe that without God in our lives, we are empty? We try to fill voids with things instead of Jesus? It sounds kind of like that to me.

I keep seeing videos of and articles written by really smart people who say they are not followers of Christ (and in fact refer to themselves as atheists, secular, not religious, etc.), and yet they support Christian concepts that are taught in the Bible. I hope they someday let themselves be open to God because they certainly are seeing his point of view. And it’s precisely this that we need to show the world. Not the crazy people who just spout out the “don’ts” in life, but the people who see the beauty, the intelligence, and the wonder of God which is LOVE, patience, grace, and everything good. Can we get the media behind that?

So those are my deep thoughts for the day. What’s on your mind?