It’s the end of the summer. Big bummer. We tend to define summer’s end with the Labor Day holiday. But with the August unemployment rate hitting a 26-year high of 9.7%, I would say that this Labor Day has a lot fewer people celebrating their labors. This is why I try not to watch or read the news anymore. But occasionally I just have to because otherwise I feel like I’m living in a bubble. The good news is that those who are working get a day off and those of us who aren’t get a guilt-free day because everyone else is off, too.

I’m spending this weekend with my family. And before the weekend got into full swing, I got some quality time in with one of my nephews. Tyler is nine and he’s about as smart as they come. He’s one of those photographic memory-types. Beware of what you say because he’ll remember it in vivid detail three years from now.

Tyler, being the brains of the outfit, was able to give me some career advice. At this point I’ll take anything—you never know where opportunity awaits. After hearing that I had not found a job yet, Tyler told me I should go to and listen to “hot jobs hookup.” “What’s that?” I asked. “It’s a place where people who want a job can call in and other people listening can hire them,” he said. I looked it up and the kid was right.

He then told me that he’s going to dress up as a woman (Princess Leia) for Halloween this year. I’m not sure if he meant that to be advice on what to wear for my next interview. (Conversations with Tyler are often eclectic.) Happy Labor Day and good luck to those seeking meaningful employment.