In one of my first posts I talked about how I really love kids—other people’s kids. I am fortunate that my brother and his wife decided to have four of them. I get four kids to love, spoil, play with, and then give back.

Last weekend the Crowe clan gathered at the Crowe’s Nest in Bethany Beach. It’s a bit of a shock to my system when we gather. I go from the quiet tranquility of my house to the chaotic tornado-like atmosphere of a house full of kids who are constantly teasing, wrestling, laughing, running, and singing. On one of the more cloudy days I thought it would be fun to interview the kids. That was before I spent an hour trying to wrangle them to sit down for a few minutes and actually give me answers that I could publish.

So consider this my back-to-school assignment and your introduction to my family.

Dawn: What was the most fun thing you did this summer?

  • Zenia, age 14: Went to New Life Bible camp in Buffalo Mills, PA. It was fun because my friends were there. I’m going to go back next year.
  • Julia, age 13: The camping trip. It was all mellow and everyone was happy.
  • Tyler, age 9: (Tyler was not cooperating for the interview so Zenia answered for him.) He got rejected by four girls and got slapped by two of them.
  • Harmon, age 7: Played Wii. (Okay, that wasn’t very exciting so I asked him what else he did this summer.) We went camping. I don’t know where though. Lake something. (What was the best thing about camping?) Eating and taking naps. And playing poker.

Dawn: Were you excited to go back to school?

  • Harmon: No. (Why not?) Because there’s so much more work than I would have to do in public school. But Mom wanted me to be home schooled.
  • Zenia: No. Well actually yes. ‘Cause after camp there was nothing really left to do.
  • Julia: Yes. Because going to school (for her) isn’t like going to school. I get up early and finish early. Then I go for a run, play soccer, listen to music and then go to soccer practice.
  • Tyler: No. Because that is a dungeon of non sophisticatedness.

 Dawn: What makes you special?

  • Harmon: My awesome whaaa, whaaa. (He did some karate moves around the house as he shouted whaaa, whaaaa).
  • Zenia: My butt. I speak my mind. I say what I mean and mean what I say. (Julia says she has to be right.)
  • Julia: I’m the best soccer player in the family.
  • Tyler: (Again he wasn’t cooperating so Zenia replied, wrestling.)

Dawn: What are your future goals? Or, what do you want to be when you grow up?

  • Zenia: I want to go to VA Tech. I want to go to the University of Maryland first and then transfer. I want to become involved in the government and work in embassies.
  • Julia: I want to become a pro soccer player and then maybe marry Donovan or Tim Howard.
  • Harmon: A spy. I want to be in the army but I haven’t decided if I want to be a spy or someone in the army. A spy has a better chance of not dying so I’m gonna say spy now. Once I’m in college I’ll pick. Because that’s when you get the choice to pick.
  • Tyler: An HP. (What’s that?) A hot person.

Dawn: What’s your favorite movie?

  • Harmon: Star Wars the Clone Wars. Because it has my favorite people and more violence.
  • Zenia: Get Smart. (She changes her mind after hearing Julia.) Oh okay, Blades of Glory.
  • Julia: Blades of Glory.
  • Tyler: Pride of Chucky. (Zenia says he hasn’t even seen it.)

Dawn: Who’s your favorite Aunt?

  • Harmon: You! (I love you, too H.)

Dawn: Who’s your favorite dog?

  • Harmon: Grendel. (Two days earlier he convinced himself that he was scared of Grendel and hid in the basement when we came over.)

Well, there you go. Four of the most fun munchkins I know.