Like many of you, I’ve been suffering a bit from various ailments this fall. I don’t think I’ve succumbed to the now famous swine flu but my cat did sneeze in my face yesterday and I’m hoping there isn’t a feline flu epidemic about to happen with me being patient zero.

So I’m trying to keep things clean but I have to say that the germ warfare going on out there is scary. I just read an article about grocery stores and how disgustingly dirty shopping carts are. It never occurred to me but it should have. Turns out they are dirtier than public bathrooms. Why I read these articles, I don’t know. Now I’m freaked out and am going to be obsessing over that every time I go shopping. And I’m not really an obsessive type (at least in this area of life).

It makes you wonder how we even survive. We go about our days swapping our germs and dirt yet somehow we get through it. I guess the best we can do is wash our hands of the whole mess. (Okay, ouch, bad pun.) Stay healthy folks, and watch out for your cat, she may have picked something up from the bag of cat food that was in that gross shopping cart.