The list. Hmmmm. World peace. Snow. Eradication of hunger, poverty, and violence. All noble and worthy dreams. But let’s talk about the wrapped stuff. I like giving presents and seeing wrapped packages with pretty paper and bows beneath the tree. I love seeing stockings full of fun little stuff.

It’s the shopping and traffic and lines that most of us don’t like. That’s why I heart the Internet.


 My apologies—that last line of nonsense is what happens when you leave the laptop open and the cat sits on the keyboard. I’m not sure if I’m freaked out or not that she actually spelled out tree at the end. It could be a coincidence but the cats do love the Christmas tree. They sit underneath it and pretend that it shields them from view. But I digress.

I was talking about the fun of exchanging gifts. Last year I was feeling a bit Grinchy but this year I’m feeling like Tiny Tim. I’m breaking out the credit card and hitting the mall. Or most likely Amazon. What do I want this year? I’ve already got it. A loving family, great friends, a job, and the possibility of some snow. But if you really want to give me something that’s wrapped, I’m okay with that, too. Happy shopping.

Which present should I play with first?