Everyone has traditions for various holidays and special events. My family has a few at Christmas time.

On Christmas Eve day we go to church for a candlelight service and then for dinner we have fondue. We’ve been doing it at my house for the past few years and so I break out about three fondue pots and put out a spread of cheese, meat, and chocolate fondue. The kids then watch a movie while the grown ups watch our bellies expand before our eyes.

Each year my mom makes a beautiful gingerbread house from scratch. She gives it to the kids and they love it, eating bit by bit until their cat finally gets to it.

Another tradition is leaving goodies out for Santa. Last year Harmon was sick and went to bed early on Christmas Eve, so Tyler decided to do Harmon a favor and put out something of Harmon’s for Santa. It was a nice little art project of the macaroni and marker variety that depicted …wait for it… a menorah. Yup, the boy put out a picture of a menorah for Santa. I can’t even type it without laughing.

That’s all the Christmas traditions I can think of for now. When I was young we spent a few Christmas holidays traveling and my mom would bring along a mini tree with us. But now we pretty much go to my brother’s house and watch the kids open up a plethora of gifts. My brother has our old train set up under his tree and the boys like to play with that. I would say being together is the best tradition of all. That and stocking stuffers.

What are your favorite traditions?

A menorah for Santa

Oh boy, I love snow!

Grandma's gingerbread house