There is a house I pass every day on my commute and for the past seven years I have enjoyed viewing the abundance of decorations that are placed all around the house and yard for every major holiday throughout the year. I’m sad to say though that this year the house is dark.

I don’t know the people who live there but I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. They were dependable, ya know? I mean the flags came out in the summer; the eggs, bunnies, and Cross came out at Easter; the ghosts and goblins came out for Halloween; the scarecrow came out in November; and well, everything came out at Christmas.

I hope the decoration people are okay. But there is a positive side to this tale of gaudy decoration gurus. A little ways down the road from the now dark house, a new decoration guy has emerged. These people make me want to scream wahooo! Seriously—lights galore, blow up Santa and snowmen, wrapped gifts in the yard, and the piece de resistance is the blow up manger scene. I heart the new decoration people. Thanks for making my commute home so enjoyable.