I was as giddy as a school kid when the weather guys started calling for a big snow storm last week. A white Christmas is a beautiful gift. I grew up in Pennsylvania where we got plenty of snow and each year got a couple of snow days. Those are the best. An unexpected day off to go play and sled and drink hot chocolate and watch the snowflakes fall. Can you tell I love it? Here in northern Virginia we get mostly rain and ice. So this was a super treat. I won’t even complain of the near heart-attack pain that I experienced shoveling it all off my path and car.

One thing that is annoying though is the media. As I was watching the newscasts I heard one reporter say the word “panic” three times. It went something like, “People here at the Giant are really panicking Larry.” I looked up the word panic and the definition is “a sudden overwhelming fear, with or without cause, that produces hysterical or irrational behavior.” Seriously you overly dramatic newscasters, there was no one acting hysterically on the camera. In fact every person that they interviewed was calm and smiling.

Many of us are from the north and know how to deal with snowstorms, but the difference is, up north they have lots of plows and resources to deal with snow. Personally, I’m glad I went to the store because I was not plowed out for three days. Would I have died without milk? No, but it sure was nice having that hot chocolate after shoveling two feet of snow off my car. But next time I’m going to go to the store earlier. There was almost no meat on the shelf. Well, there was something called Bison meat which I had never seen before. Say it with me folks…Bison meat? Yup, and I hear it tastes like chicken.

Grendel spent the day going in and out hopping through the snow making yellow marks here and there and playing with his BFF, Elwood. Boy did they have fun. Grendel loves the snow and gets about as giddy as I do. Well, that’s my blizzard story. It’s almost all gone now so hopefully we’ll see a few more flakes before spring comes.

And I just want to give a big thanks and shout out to my nice neighbors for helping with the shoveling. You guys are great!

Grendel and Elwood

BFFs Grendel and Elwood playing in the snow.

Grendel hopping

Grendel goes hopping through the snow while I look for my car.

Scooby, Zenia's new puppy, loves the snow, too.