The Christmas tree is coming down. I hate to say goodbye to the beautiful lights and neat decorations. But, if we kept them up all year it wouldn’t be special. And people might think I’m weird.

It was a great holiday season. I really had a wonderful time with my family. I know not everyone gets along with their families and some are missing family members that are far away or no longer with us. If you’re one of those, I just hope you were (and in the future are) able to find people to share the time with and to enjoy Christmas and the New Year.

My decorations are coming down but at least I can walk around my neighborhood and enjoy the lights of those who refuse to go out without a fight. You know, those neighbors who keep their lights going through the better part of the winter (and some to the edge of spring). You go people.

My cats are a little upset. Their inside forest is going away. But at least they have a few more days to sit on the storage boxes and lick the masking tape. I don’t know why I spend money on expensive cat toys when all I need to give them is a strip of tape and rubber bands to make them happy.

So now it’s time to get back on the diet, fight the urge to eat sugar cookies, and snuggle in for a new season of Lost, American Idol, and more. Maybe I should TiVo it all and go write a book. Or volunteer somewhere. Or run a marathon. Or. Oh forget it. I hate resolutions. Do it or not. But whatever you do, have a happy 2010!