So this past week I was reading some headlines on an Internet site and thought it would be funny to talk about these current events. Or at least the splashy way these stories were announced to the public. In case you haven’t heard, here are six must-read stories for your reading pleasure (and naturally my take on them).

Want to Buy a Space Shuttle? NASA Slashes Price to $29 Million
Daaaaaddeeeee! I want, I want, I want one! Get me one for my birthday! All the other kids are getting them! If you love me you’ll buy me a space rocket. Seriously, I dream of the day when I can see the Earth from outer space. How cool would that be?

Cookie Dough Shortage in our Future?
Say it ain’t so! Every once and awhile I hear about produce shortages when it gets cold in Florida, but cookie dough? Bummer.

French Minister Criticizes US Over Haiti Aid
Is this really news? Is there anyone on the planet that is surprised that a French person is criticizing an American? I say let them in. Something tells me the French version of an MRE (meal ready to eat) resembles buttered crepes and wine. Yum.

 Most Americans Back Medical Marijuana—Americans are firmly divided on health care reform. But a surprisingly large majority agrees that if you’re sick, you should be allowed to smoke dope.
And these people vote. What more can I say?

A Trailer Park In The Sky
It’s hard to reconcile the terms trailer park and luxury. I guess it’s the old, “don’t judge a book by its cover” cliché.

‘Star Trek’ Star Chris Pine, Olivia Munn Call It Quits
This caught my eye because it’s so sad when relationships don’t work out. Okay, I’m lying. Chris Pine is so cute I can’t help but be happy he’s back on the market. As unrealistic as a future with him is, a gal has to dream.

And aside from what’s really important, those are the things occupying the time of Americans everywhere. I’m Dawn and this has been an original post. Goodnight and keep reading!