There is so much about the Olympics that is fun to watch. Tonight I’m giddy because I’m watching the men’s snowboarding halfpipe competition. The star of this sport is a cute, smiling, good-natured red head named Shaun White. He is quintessential American Rockies ski bum. For the past few years he’s been inventing new jumps by practicing on a halfpipe where he can land in a big pile of foam blocks.

Before the competition he was interviewed and was so excited to unveil the moves. He smiled at the camera and said, “You guys are in for a treat.” And there was nothing arrogant about it. He loves what he does and you can see the joy in his smile.

The other guys (and gals for that matter) are also fun to watch. I’m so glad the Olympics added this sport. And the freestyle skiing, too. That one is a thrill to watch as well.

And if you’re watching the games and think that snowboarding looks easy, I want to tell you it’s harder than it looks. My nieces thought it was challenging on basically a flat hill. And they are athletes! Julia ended the day with a fractured wrist. Thank goodness there was no pipeline where we went!

The absolute joy that I get when I see Zenia doing the face plant just makes my day. Of course I realized later that I should have had both of them in helmuts and protective gear, but where’s the fun in that?