Last Monday I woke up and as usual the animals started to gather in my room and bathroom. When I saw Grendel wiggle in with a bone in his mouth I went into a major panic. Grendel looked like Rocky Balboa after he lost to the Russian. His face was swollen and I freaked thinking he must have eaten something weird and was having an allergic reaction. And since those can be fatal, I threw on some clothes, put my hair up in a pony tail and called the vet—I’m on my way!

Well aside from the fact that the doctor was cute and nice and I had no makeup on, things turned out okay. A week later Grendel had surgery to remove an abscessed tooth. Knowing how painful those things are, I have to hand it to the boo dog. He really handled it well.

So I picked him up from the vet after his surgery and he was still loopy from the anesthesia. As we walked to the house down the sidewalk, Grendel kept swerving and falling into the snow banks. (By the way, this was all very entertaining to me.) The doctor said he probably wouldn’t be hungry (to which I laughed) and said if he did feel like eating to give him half of what he normally would eat. Yeah, he went straight to the dish. I fed him and he stayed there for another hour staring at the dish and then back to me before I finally gave him more.

Then he stood in the living room staring at nothing for awhile. Then put his head on the couch wanting to get up but not able to until I helped him. So for those of you who are old enough to remember the egg frying anti-drug campaign…

This is my dog:

The swollen face

This is my dog on drugs:

Grendel is feeling no pain

Want to get up. Can't move.