There are crazy people in our world who do crazy things. Some of them are comedians. Some are athletes. And some are neighbors who think throwing trash in your yard is perfectly acceptable—until officer S told them they could go to jail for it. But I don’t want to waste any time on that type of crazy. Let’s talk about some more Olympic stories.

The other day Bob Costas interviewed Steven Colbert. That guy had me laughing milk out my nose. First off, he dressed up like a Royal Mounted Policeman. He referred to the pants as uninsultable. He then went on to list several nicknames for Canadians. These included

  • Syrup suckers
  • Saskatcha whiners
  • Ice holes

After admitting he was an affection whore, he got that oh-so-fun Bob Costas to climb up on the stuffed moose that had migrated to the NBC studio. Colbert said he was investing in dead animals, because the way things are nowadays, you can cut it open and keep your money inside. It’s safe that way.

So on to crazy athletes. Have you caught any of the skeleton competition? It’s like the luge but the athletes face forward. They don’t even have their hands out front. I can’t imagine careening down an ice tunnel at 90 miles an hour on a little sled. Did I say crazy? The skeleton is named that because it will scare you to death.

Well, back to watching the crazy that is the world around me.—lindsey-vonn