I love spending time with my family. I always seem to get good fodder for this blog. My mom came up from her winter stay in Florida to visit the kids so I went up to my brother’s house for the day to see everyone. The fun part of visiting the kids is the verbal game of dodge ball where I avoid weird and uncomfortable questions and comments.

After arriving, my brother Greg, my mom, and my nephew and I take Grendel for a walk. As Greg and I were talking, Tyler, my nine-year old nephew asks me, “Aunt Dawn, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but I want to ask you a question. Why aren’t you married? I’m just asking because I want an Uncle.” I redirected the conversation and thought I’d managed to sufficiently blow that one off until he asked again later. I told him that a) he already has an Uncle—his mother’s brother, and b) if I had a husband, said husband would keep all the Wii games that I buy for Tyler. That was the end of that discussion.

Then later, when we were in the car, Tyler says, “Why are there suspicious people dressed in dark clothing like Muslims, at Niagara Falls?” Don’t know where that one came from but I’m sure those deep thoughts are a result of some enlightened view of the world. Or not.

My other nephew, Harmon, always manages to provide some zingers. When he was younger he told me that he “was cute because he was the littlest.” And he once said to his whole family, “everyone who loves me, raise your hand.” That is officially my favorite line ever and I tease him about it relentlessly.

Harmon’s latest obsession is with guns. It used to be light sabers but we’ve moved on to a different form of violence. While eating lunch at Subway, a police officer came in. Harmon’s face lit up when he saw the cop’s gun. I encouraged Harmon to go talk to him. When we asked Harmon what he would say to the cop, he replied, “I’ll tell him I’m a big fan and I love your gun.”

God makes them cute and inquisitive to keep us on our toes. So, what was the funniest thing your kid ever said?