So awhile back I posted a funny strip from Dilbert. Here is it again.

I posted it as a joke after I got laid off to keep my spirits high and to keep laughing. Well, today, as luck (or unluck rather—is that a word?) would have it, I saw my life flash before my eyes as a flying mattress came hurling toward me on the beltway.

Anyone who has ever driven on the DC beltway knows that you take certain risks just being on it. But I can honestly say flying mattresses were not on the list of things I keep my eye out for when rounding the outer loop.

But today, as I was happily lost in thought on my way home from getting my locks colored and cut, I saw two mattresses flying off the hood of a car about 100 yards in front of me. The good news is I own a Honda, not a Toyota, so the brakes worked and thanks be to God, who is really looking after us, no one got hurt.

My dad has most likely lost the color in his face reading this but I had to post about it to remind all of you to keep on your toes. If you’re keeping your money stashed in your mattresses, make sure they are secure on the hood of your cars or you might just lose everything!