He is alive and we have reason to hope because we are saved! You ever think of that cliché, hope springs eternal? Spring is a time of rebirth. And when you put your faith in Jesus, you are born again (spiritually). It feels much better for everyone this time around. No pain, no messy stuff, no cutting cords. It’s a time of freedom, of hope, and love.

Every year I go up to my brother’s house and celebrate Easter with his family. Their church puts on great skits and then their senior pastor delivers a wonderful sermon that reminds us how incredible Jesus’ gift to us is. He is the Truth. He is the Way. And He is the Life. If you’re looking for proof first before you believe, it’s not going to happen. But I promise you this. Once you have faith, once you let him in, you’ll see everything you need to. You’ll understand everything you need to. And you’ll feel freedom like you’ve never felt before.

Being part of “the Way” does not guarantee a stress-free life or a cessation of sin. But it makes it all bearable. At least that’s how I see it. It’s up to you to make the decision for yourself. No one can do it for you. No one can make you. If you have questions, ask them. I encourage all of you to walk into to a church near you and check it out.

Now since we are human and specifically Americans, we of course must mix pagan customs and traditions into all of our holidays—especially the ones that pertain to Christianity. The traditional Crowe family egg hunt was a success. We dropped one member this year. I guess Zenia isn’t interested in free candy enough to go looking for it. But the rest of them participated to the delight of the adults. And after I teased Tyler by giving him clothes as his birthday present (he was so sweet and appreciative but definitely not thrilled—as was my plan), he smiled as he unwrapped his Easter gift—the Lego set he suggested I buy him.

The family took a stroll around a lake in Columbia on this gorgeous day and enjoyed the beauty that God created for us—in the flowers, gardens, creeks, lakes, grasses, and the people we love. Thank you God—your gifts are endless.

Happy Easter!