Today’s title is meant to reference the fact that there’s always someone bigger, someone better, someone worse off, someone better off—okay you get my meaning, I hope.

I really dislike it when people use the phrase, “perception is reality.” Phooey. Reality is reality. The only kind of people who don’t see reality for what it is are either stubborn, self-centered, crazy, or on the opposite side of me in an argument.

Okay, I know that we all see things differently. If you asked eight people to describe an accident they all saw, you’ll get eight different stories. But in some cases, let’s face it. The truth is the truth. Let’s take a test to to confirm my profound and accurate statement.

Which one of these animals is a ferocious, man-eating monster?

Perceptions can have a profound affect on our lives. How you perceive the world around you can be a big part of how you carve out your path, how you relate to other people, how you deal with the stresses and challenges of life, and how funny you think I am. Which of course, you all agree that I am both witty and charming.

But cerealy folks (yuk, yuk), I spoke in a previous post about bad days and perceiving our stresses as not so bad when put up against others who are worse off. I’ve had some more challenging days since then but am more worried about some of the people in my life that I love dearly. Praying for others can really cast a light on the blessings I have. So thank you God. Thank you to my friends and family. And thanks to all of you who make my days beautiful and meaningful.

And to end this, and give purpose to this entire post (‘cause I really thought this card was funny and wanted to post it), enjoy this great laugh and have a great day!