I haven’t been observing much this past week. That is except the inside of the toilet bowl. Too much information? I understand. I also don’t care. This is about me and I’ve been suffering inside a bubble of infected sinus cavities that are putting helacious pressure on my brain, eye sockets, and upper teeth. And in addition to the allergy-induced death spiral, I had some kind of food poisoning illness going on.

My friends and co-workers have been very kind and gracious but I wonder why people think to ask someone who is in total misery if they “have taken any medicine.” No, I decided to leave the Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Zyrtec, and assortment of other OTC aides I have stockpiled in my drawer behind and fight it out on my own. Of course I took pills! I also am drinking fluids, resting, and all the other crap that anybody over the age of six knows to do when you’re sick. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter. Sometimes nature needs to take you through the ringer and remind you that you are mortal and that anything could happen. Anytime. It’s out of our control.

So, I’m slowly getting back to being normal. Slowly. I had more than soup today and so far so good. And because I’d like to leave on a positive note, here’s to losing seven pounds in four days. Now only 93 more to go. It’s a start.

I’m dog sitting this weekend. So now I’m off to watch that cutie pie Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in Star Trek on my new ginormous TV. Grendel’s BFF, Elwood likes to stare at me so I’m kind of glad they are both sleeping now. He’s an awesome dog and I swear he understands English. I just wish he wouldn’t stare at me.

Have a healthy week. And don’t forget to drink water, eat veggies, exercise, and call your mom once in awhile. Or not. Whatever.