I came to the beach this weekend to hang out with my niece, nephew, and two great friends. Also in the mix was Grendel, Keelee (a.k.a. the little snowball, white lab), and Scoobie, Zenia’s puppy.

It’s been loads of fun and at the moment I see three dogs, two adults, and one kid down for the count. Lots of running and playing makes everyone a bit sleepy. Even I took a walk with the kid on the beach. Before heading to bed I had the kids talk to their Dad to say goodnight. Harmon got on the phone and asked Zenia to put Scoobie on. Thanks Harmon, your sister and aunt love you too.

The day started out by waiting for Shaun the plumber. Tyler kept asking when we could go to the beach and right in front of Shaun asked if we could go when “Steve the plumber was done.” While waiting for Shaun, a.k.a., Steve, he wanted to start a puzzle and gave up after ten minutes of getting bored by turning pieces over. I’ve started the outside but things are going a bit slow.

Maybe this guy could help us out.


So the dogs went romping on the beach and have been running around playing like crazy. Kind of like these guys.

But the day turned out beautiful. Tyler the skinny kid went swimming in ice cold water, we went to the arcade where the kids spent $10 playing games to get tickets to buy .30 cents worth of crap, then on to get a Bobbie for dinner at Capriotti’s and finally are back home watching movies.

We also watched part of the Flyers game and this is what we did after they won. Wahooooo–let’s do the wave!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. I love the summer, and so does this guy!