There is just something special about playoff hockey. The checks are a little bit harder, the skating is faster, and the puck handling and passing is like watching a ballet of sorts. The goaltending is superb. In fact, you really can’t win the holy grail of hockey—the Stanley Cup—without superior goaltending. And finally, the boys all look extra gruffy. There’s an unwritten rule that hockey players don’t shave during the playoffs. Those boys are so superstitious they make gypsies look like conservative pragmatists.

I used to work for a hockey team. And I did some internship work for the Flyers Skate Zone. That meant going to all the Flyers and Phantoms’ home games, sitting in incredibly awesome seats, and working a table during the intermissions. During my stint in sports, I met some famous people, slipped on the ice once or twice, narrowly missed being caught in fights, and fractured my hand after being hit by a puck going, oh, maybe 90 miles an hour. It almost hit my face, so I count my blessings. Funny thing was—I got to claim worker’s comp for that.

Anyhoo. My all time favorite team in my favorite sport is in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Flyers won Lord Stanley’s Cup a couple of years back in the 70’s. That team was called the “Broad Street Bullies” and Philly loved them. A few years later, my dad took us to a game and I was hooked. I managed to convince him to get us some season tickets. So my dad and I would go to the games together, and sit in the first row of the nosebleed section. It was awesome. I’m glad he wore headphones to hear the play-by-play because the guy sitting next to us threw the f-bomb around like … well a Philadelphia fan would.

I’m calling on all my friends to root for the orange and black. Here’s to the Broad Street Boys! Let’s go Flyers, let’s go!

P.S. I’ve gotten to kiss the cup. Twice. Visit the hockey hall of fame and you can see it too!

Flyers Fan Zone. All are welcome.