I’m watching an exciting first match of the Stanley Cup Finals. I checked Facebook earlier and of course there were cheers, waves, and shout outs. And because my friends are intelligent and enlightened, there were many well wishes for the Flyers.

Our boys are keeping up but they had me shouting something nasty when they let the Blackhawks score shorthanded. That’s a no-no and if they were in Philly the fans would have let them know they won’t be putting up with that. Flyers games are really fun to attend in person. I remember being at a game once and thinking after the first ten minutes that the team was moving slow, getting beat to the puck, and generally stinking up the ice. I wasn’t alone. The next minute what started as a low rumble-like sound escalated into full blown boos from the crowd. I’ve been a Philadelphia fan for a long time but even I was a bit shocked. Just for a second though. Because my hard earned dollars were paying to see those boys work for the win.

Whether they win or lose tonight I’m proud of them. (Except that shorthanded goal thing earlier—let’s forgive but not forget.)

Tune in on Monday night for game two. And until then, sing along…