Okay, so in this second installment of the Crowe’s 2010 Nova Scotia cross-province adventure, the trio travel to Peggy’s Cove. This is a quaint little village with a nice little lighthouse atop rocks that were formed by glaciers millions of years ago. Personally, I liked the random “street” signs they had—see photos below. This being the first day and my mouth was watering with the idea of getting to eat lots of lobster, I was immediately in like with these locals who named a path, Lobster Lane. There’s a story about the name of this town. If you want to you can read it here.

After an obligatory stop at the gift shop, we walked back to the car and made our way over to Lunenburg. Lunenburg is also a quaint town where the shops all close really early and if you want to buy a toothbrush, you’ll have to wait until the following afternoon because the next day was Sunday and the only thing open was the Fisheries museum. Of course we went there and learned all about the famous tall ship of Nova Scotia, the Bluenose.

Well, just a note on Lunenburg. If you know of the actress Ellen Page (star of a very cool movie called Whip It), she did some Cisco commercials set in that town that aired last winter. Reportedly, the town mayor said about the production company, “They certainly spent a fair bit of money here during the time they were in town. It was quite a big production. The money from the production company was used to upgrade playground equipment in the town.” According to an article by Roger Taylor, Business Columnist, the mayor said the town will probably put up some links to the www.cisco.com website, where the ads may be viewed, but he doesn’t know if Cisco would link to the town’s site, www.explorelunenburg.ca.

I hope that last part puts this town into perspective for you. So…after eating the fish and chips and a local beer, Keith’s—both yummy—and having a nice night sleep, we headed out for the Annapolis Valley. By the time we got there, we were hungry for lunch so naturally we ate in the German Bakery. For a province that is part French, part Indian, and is named “new Scotland,” I was admittedly thrown a bit by the German invasion into this area. But I did find it funny that my health-conscious father did not skip a beat when ordering strudel for dessert.

After lunch, we strolled through the lovely Royal Historic Gardens, and then went off to explore Fort Ann where we got to see an exhibition of the Highland Regiment. It was all nice until they showed us how they practice spearing people with their bayonets. Fun with bagpipes and gunpowder, eh? That night we stayed in a really nice B&B that’s on all the brochures—the Queen Anne Inn. We spent the evening celebrating our American Independence Day quietly in our room while watching the fireworks on TV. Because naturally, while in a foreign country there are plenty of American TV programs to watch.

That’s all for now. Next time we visit the cheese farm. Yum.