Continuing on with the tale of the Nova Scotia trip (we are almost done, I promise), after spending the night in Ingonish and having a spectacular meal at some pub I forget the name of, we continued our hiking out past the Keltic lodge on a long path that was both treacherous and beautiful. We saw a seal swimming out in the water past a rocky outcrop where some cool birds were nesting. I’m not a big bird (ha-ha) person but was told it was special.

Okay, down the mountain our next stop was Baddeck. A lovely place on the Bras d’Or Lakes. Home of many eagles (didn’t see any) and Alexander Graham Bell—well a summer home and a museum dedicated to him. On a funny note, my cell phone wasn’t working there. Hmmm. Museum was cool and mom and I did lots of tourist shopping.

The next day we drove down to Louisburg and toured the Fortress there. It was an experience akin to Williamsburg with people dressed in period clothes and talking French. It was a French fort in the 18th century. We met some interesting characters, learned more history, and ate in a period restaurant. That night we attended the beggar’s banquet at our hotel. Yup, yet again I managed to get my dad dressed up in some costume. They put us in 18th century clothes and served us some seriously yummy food (lobster) while the staff sang and danced. One of the servers then gave us a history lesson and we learned all about how people used to put lead- and mercury-laden products on their faces as makeup. Nice. It was lots of fun and worth putting on the garb.

Enjoy the photos of our hiking, the scenery, the fortress, and the banquet.