Well I’m back in the real world grinding out the work and running errands and getting things fixed. You know, the never ending cycle of take one step forward and add three things to the to-do list. That’s why I love vacations. I love just sitting on the beach. I am very blessed to be able to spend time at my beach house with family and friends like I did last week. And it never fails that my blood pressure goes down about 20 points as soon as I enter the house and look out onto the ocean. God is good!

Unfortunately I can’t live there full time. Yet. That is my goal in life though. One day I want to live either at the beach or in a cottage on a lake. If all you people who visit this blog and read it would tell 5,000 of your friends to come read it, then I could get hired to write my amazingly insightful observations on life and be able to live my dream.

But in the meantime, I’m going to give thanks and praise to the Lord for my job, my home, my pets, my loving family, my awesome friends, and for helping me not completely fall off the diet wagon this week (not all of that was in any kind of priority by the way). I wish I could devote more of my time to God and to basically other pursuits more worthy than couch imprinting but I tend to run out of gas after all the work and chores are done.

So I’m not perfect. Revelation! But whatever. Here’s something I saw on Facebook that was really cool so I’m going to share it with you. This lovely lady, Tamara, says in her one-minute sermon; make your peace with God before it’s too late. I’ve done that already so now I think I’ll go watch Royal Pains. It’s a nice little summer show that I’ve gotten into. God bless!