The title of this post is a quote from a famous heckler. If you’ve ever watched the Muppets Show you’ll remember the two gentlemen in the balcony who make fun of everyone. I don’t know why I’m writing about this. Just needed a funny break and I’m procrastinating painting my house.

I found this Muppet personality test online. What Muppet are you? I’m Gonzo. Not sure how I feel about that. Muppet Wiki describes him like so:

“Gonzo is the resident daredevil performance artiste on The Muppet Show. He is an odd looking, unclassifiable alien creature with blue fur, bug eyes, and a long crooked nose. He takes pride in his uniqueness and enjoys everything that he does — no matter how painful or ill-advised it may be. Gonzo performs terrible acts but considers them artistic.”

Hmmm. They are saying he’s dilusional when it comes to his talent. Whatever.

Take this poll and tell us who your favorite character is.

As much as I love Mahna Mahna and the Swedish Chef, I’m going to have to go with the Statler and Waldorf.

Statler: That really offended me. I’m a student of Shakespeare.

Waldorf: Ha! You were a student *with* Shakespeare.