I really love the month of September. For a long time now it’s kind of just sat there as an unsung month. It was never really a favorite probably because it signified the end of summer. And as a kid, I loooooved summer. I was a pool rat, a beach rat, a camp rat—you name it. Summer was loads of fun. I still love it but now that I don’t have to return to school I have more of an appreciation for September.

Why? Because the weather is gorgeous. Still sunny and warm but the humidity is gone. The beach gets a quieter, the cool TV shows start up again, and I begin to settle into to my flannel pants. My awesome, soft, comfortable flannel pants.

Unfortunately September also brings with it hurricanes. Earl visited our east coast shores last week and although it turned out to be nothing to those of us in Delaware, it sure resulted in some massive, ginormous waves. It also detoured a whale that was sighted just off our beach. Not by me of course because that would mean I would actually get to see a whale this summer.

Anyhoo. The girls and I (friends who came to visit) ventured out as far as the surf. We were rewarded for our bravery by getting knocked down—by the current, waves, and some dude who was in front of me. Some neighbors came up to us later asking when we were going back in. You see, they were going for a walk and wanted to make sure they caught the next show. Turns out we were entertaining the entire beach with our pratfalls and laughter. That’s okay; we made fun of other people, too. Hey, if you’re going to expose yourself, you have to be able to take a punch once in awhile.

Well, I’ll be back at the beach later in the month, but first a trip to rain-soaked Dallas for the International Dairy Show. I’m so excited to visit the flavorings booth, see the cooking demonstrations, and sample a few of the items at the ice cream and beverage bar. Yum! Happy September!