In a previous post I mentioned my friend Fast Ed and his sense of humor. Well I just got a note from my friend Amy–the cancer survivor who was part of that story. Amy relayed a comment Ed said to her regarding an upcoming trip he’s taking with his wife. Here it goes.

” We are leaving for Botswana the day before Thanksgiving. Really excited about it.  We are limited to around 20 pounds of luggage since we will be flying in small planes to the camps.  So I have packed 19 pounds of bug spray, and 1 pound of other things like clean clothes.”


Having met Ed at Camp Tockwogh, it’s hard to say why he’s so averse to nature. But that’s Ed and we love him. I’m really excited about this weekend because the gang is getting together for a party. So many bright, fun, wonderful friends I have and I love these opportunities to hang out. Many of us live in different states so we don’t get to see each other all the time.

This weekend we are celebrating life. And giving thanks. Our friend Kim just finished chemo and is cancer free. Praise God! We are so happy she is healthy and can live a full life as a wife to our dear friend Rick and as a mother to two beautiful children.

So we’ll miss Ed for sure, but we’ll light a bug candle in his honor and give thanks for our many blessings.