I love British humor. My friend Bob used to tease me about it because I would make him watch BBC all the time. My other friend Christine is quite brilliant when it comes to finding funny videos out there in cyber space. She sent me this one the other day and I had to share. It’s a great take on our technology. Or fruit. Guess it depends on context. Which is always at the heart of humor. Okay, so we’ve closed the loop on this exercise. Enjoy.

You would think in this day and age we could get this to work here, but because I’m not a brit, I can’t embed the video here. You’ll have to go see it on BBC site. It’s worth it. But come back. There are loads of other funny things to read on this blog. And I’ll miss you. Seriously. Come back. Okay, I won’t beg anymore. That’s Grendel’s job. See ya.