This morning a co-worker sent me a link to a hilarious video (here is the link:  Somehow that link led to some more funny stuff and before you know it I was laughing out loud in a serious way.


I know what you’re thinking; she was in the lolcat trance again. Nope, but it’s similar to that kind of humor—in its format not content. I work in marketing and while I know that certain things are important (they can persuade people in strange ways, believe me), sometimes things get out of hand and we take ourselves too seriously. This is what this site is saying—about bad marketers that is. Not me and my creatively talented co-workers.

The site is here for your viewing pleasure but I’m going to post some of the photos for a quick laugh. The site is called “Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising” and it can be found at

Not everyone needs a Twitter feed people.

People always want too much text in their ads. White space is good!

And now for something really special. Back in the 30’s the ad execs (and the general population it seems) were a bunch of racist, ugly jerks. I won’t post the racist ads they published back then because it’s just too ugly. But, being a woman and in the business now, I can tell you I’m shocked at the audacity of those pigs and what they got away with. Take a look at these ads. I guess once they realized that women had serious buying power the messages were changed. But jeez.

Women bashing ad execs in their prime.

Yes, Delmonte, even a idiot woman can open a bottle of ketchup.

Can you imagine this today? Coffee in the lap buddy.

I wonder how many women were beaten because of this kind of attitude?