I’ve been a busy beaver lately with tax preparation and researching the adventures I’m going to take this summer. I can’t wait till June when three fun friends and I go trekking off to Iceland and Norway. My big plan is to spend as much time as possible soaking in one of Iceland’s famous geothermal pools. You remember last year when that volcano spewed ashes that stopped half the world’s air traffic? Yup, going there to see all there is in that country where pretty much nothing is pronounceable. Except that singer Björk. The only thing I remember about her is that swan dress she wore to an awards show. Only Madonna and Lady Gaga are allowed to let their freak flags fly that much and get away with it.

 In any case, I love to travel and have been thinking about the wonderful trips I’ve taken in the past. I was rooting for the Egyptian people as they demonstrated in public for their democratic rights. I think most of us are skeptical of the future outcome but I hope for their sakes things work out. When I visited Egypt with my parents back in 2007 I was very impressed with the people. Most spoke English and were very friendly and kind. Which is why I was very shocked and disappointed (not to mention horrified) that a mob of Egyptians raped CBS correspondent Lara Logan. You have to be pretty evil to take part in something like that.  That was definitely not characteristic of the type of people we met while there.

On a brighter note, I was impressed to see that they were protecting the Cairo museum and all of those priceless treasures. Having been blessed to see and touch them, it would be sad to see them destroyed and lost.

So I guess it’s one of those enigma’s that are crazy and wonderful about our world. You can be denied travel to an “enemy” state like Russia for decades and then all of the sudden after a wall falls down you’re able to see its beautiful landscapes. Or you can watch an Olympics take place in a city like Sarajevo only to see it destroyed a few years later by bombs and an ugly war.

Iceland has had its misfortunes throughout its history (which I am excited to learn more about) and Egypt has survived for millennia. What will tomorrow bring? Don’t know.

But if you know of any excellent things to do and see in Iceland and Norway, please share!