People can be smart, kind, generous, supportive, and make you laugh. They can also be really gullible, inattentive, impatient, and insecure. I have those last few traits for sure and I tend to get very frustrated with those who share those traits with me. Hypocrite? Yup. Realist? Yup. Dreamer? Yup. Critic? Yup. Destroyer of nations? Nope—but the cat in the photo below could eat his way through Europe.

 Speaking of the cat photo, aside from making me LOL it made me think about my profession (marketing) and how we use imagery and words to persuade. I don’t lie. Let’s just get that out there. I refuse to use tactics that are unethical and I do not help sell products or services that would go against my principles. But…it is my job to get through the clutter so that you, my dear, wonderful, modern and hip consumer, will see the value in what I’m offering. Sometimes that means cutting out the fat. Sometimes that means pricing something a certain way to position the brand at a certain level in the consumer’s mind. And sometimes it means putting a pretty label on it.

Yesterday my creative group at work took a break and played “guess the better wine.” Now wine of course is subjective—what some call “feet-like tasting swill” others call “late-night after-the-beer-is-gone nightcap.” We basically covered up the bottles and tasted wines to see which ones we liked better. Not surprisingly I picked all the more expensive ones. And by expensive I mean like $10 (vs. the Trader Joe two-buck-chuck options). What can I say? I appreciate a good product. But given a real test, who would say how much the brand and price would influence the perceived taste? Guess that’s a test for another day.

Oh and FYI, if you didn’t scan the QR code on my last post you may not be aware that the whole getting another puppy thing was an April fool’s joke. I must be really good because if you really believed that I could handle a Grendel mini-me along with the critters I have, then you must think I’m nuts. Hmmm. What does that say about me? More importantly what does getting fooled say about you? Just a suggestion–research a little more closely before making assumptions. Especially when media outlets report that the army is changing its headgear to Stetson hats. Unbelievable. hee-hee.

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Grendel saw the cat photo and got really hungry.

Grendel licks his chops in anticipation of fat cat for dinner.