The dreaded April 15 day is here again. A day most Americans dislike because basically we have to give three months (give or take) of our hard earned wages to the elitist game-playing politicians who then spend at least a third of it on nothing. I say nothing because all of it gets used up paying for bureaucratic waste.

I try not to give the government any money in advance because it’s mine and I could be earning interest on that (which would be taxed so why bother) but I have to admit, it makes the whole season easier to swallow when I get a refund. I feel like it’s play money. And this year I’m going to use it to play in Norway and Iceland with friends. (Pause for a little dance here.)

This year we actually get a few days break. As you may or may not know, the District of Columbia celebrates Emancipation Day on April 16. (This is the same city that’s currently being held hostage and used in the political warfare of our representatives—who supposedly all look after the interests of the citizens living in said city.) Poor Washingtonians. Taxation without representation. The very thing we started the Revolutionary War over—being overly taxed. And without representation. Why Congress cannot see the irony in all of this is beyond me. And by the way, I think Emancipation Day should be celebrated everywhere with big parades every year. What a great thing to celebrate. Freedom for a group of Americans who had been oppressed for more than 200 years. The only reason most of us know about it is because of tax day.

Okay, well the only thing beyond whining about it is to joke about it. So I found some funny things on the Internet to get us through this day.

Monty Python:
Politician #1“Gentlemen, we have to find something new to tax.”  

Politician #2: “I would tax foreigners living abroad.”

Jimmy Kimmel calls an Indian call center and they tell him this joke:
“What do Tiger Woods and a fishing boat captain have in common on tax day? They both want to know if their crabs are deductable.”

And of course Dilbert:

This guy, Tim Hawkins, is a very funny comedian.
You should check out his other videos—good stuff!

Classic Fail from the Fail Blog (tax advice fail)

epic fail pictures
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